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About Us


Since 1976, Manufacturers Components, Inc. has provided high quality electronic components to manufacturers from small start-ups to global Fortune 100 companies. We started our family-run enterprise as the U.S. representative of Japanese switch manufacturer Shinden. Today, over four decades later, we operate from a 33,000 square foot facility in Pompano Beach, Fla.


Over time and in response to our customer’s expanding needs and wishes to reduce their vendor base, we have extended our product line to include a full array of electronic components including buzzers, fans, power cords and cord sets, speakers, PCB’s and many other products. Today, we still represent Shinden, while our global presence includes partnerships and international operations in the United States, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Central America.


While our customer base has expanded to include top tier manufacturers the world over, we remain focused on what matters most to our customers: high quality, timely delivery and competitive pricing. Our success comes from commitment to our customer satisfaction, as well as the strong and trusting relationships we have built over the years with vendors and suppliers.


Behind Manufacturers Components is our team of management and staff with more than 40 years of project management and manufacturing production expertise. With a shared commitment to customer satisfaction, we are proud to be known as “The Company Behind the Companies.”


Daniel J. Chiodo, CEO

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